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Her music. (credit: me, LuckyLauren) Her achievements. (credit: Jim Ruymen) Her personal life. (credit: MLE's twitter ❤)

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This Is M.E. is out now, grab your copy (bonus track edition)!

This is M.E. Tour 2014 tickets are on sale now!

.October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Melissa Etheridge on Family, Health, and New Wife

INSIDER Update 2:53 mins

"The Insider With Yahoo" co-anchor Thea Andrews sat down with Melissa Etheridge, who opened up about her family, health, and new wife and revealed a personal story about the first time she heard Macklemore’s "Same Love and how it affected her. Melissa said, "My daughter … I am driving with her, and she says, ‘You might like this song, it’s a new artist named Macklemore.’ She played "Same Love" for me. I had to pull over, I was crying. I had never heard it before." Melissa married "Nurse Jackie" co-creator Linda Wallem last May after California courts passed the Marriage Equality Act. "To really find love, I was done. I was like, ‘Nope, I’m horrible at this; I’m obviously no good at this,’ and she was my best friend."

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Melissa Etheridge On Her Life-Changing Cancer Fight

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HuffPost Live →
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Melissa Etheridge On The Howard Stern Show 10/01/2014

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Melissa Etheridge: Feminist & “Thriver” →
I’ve decided to start linking some videos this way because they look huge and ugly on my layout if I embed them.
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Interview from the current issue of People magazine…their adorableness is too much for me to handle.

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Melissa Etheridge releases first-ever independent album, "This is M.E." →
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Melissa Etheridge →
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Melissa Etheridge Op-Ed: Why Auto-Tune Has No Soul →

Cutting-edge technology makes the human touch — and sound — even more vital, writes the singer, who releases new album ‘M.E.’ on Sept. 30.

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Integrity. That’s the word that comes to mind after speaking with Melissa Etheridge. She is one of the most popular singer/songwriters of our generation, with millions in album sales and multiple Grammy nominations. If there ever was a musician that represented our LGBT community artistically and in music, she is it. (interview in the source link)


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The music legends are now teaching us a thing or two about living with joy. Double interview with Melissa and Sheryl, link to it in the source code.

The music legends are now teaching us a thing or two about living with joy. Double interview with Melissa and Sheryl, link to it in the source code.


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Melissa Etheridge headlines B.R. Cohn Music Festival →

After they got something down, a version of what would later become the song “Ain’t That Bad,” “(RoccStar) pulled it up on the computer and asked the engineer, ‘Where’s the Auto-Tune?’ And the engineer said, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t dare put Auto-Tune on her voice.’ And he said, ‘She’s singing like that without Auto-Tune?’ ”

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September 2014 Issue →


This month…

September 2014 Issue

  • We’ve got Melissa Etheridge on marriage, making changes and OF COURSE, her new album!

I’m so upset that they stopped making hard copies! I have two other issues with her on it, they’re amazing! They didn’t fit in my MLE scrapbooks though, the issues were awesomely big. Oh well, I did just DL this of course. ;)

Cover of her interview:

Fantastic quote:

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Melissa Etheridge on her new album “This is M.E.” She also gushes a little bit about her wife Linda Wallem and what it takes to be a super mom.

A football fan and former sports broadcaster, Dennis Cruz, joins us to discuss Michael Sam, the publicity around him, and if he will make the team or some team.

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Melissa Etheridge stops by Norman’s Rare Guitars. Great interview, she really describes the difference between working on a label and what she’s doing now. But god did I want her to play that beauty!

"Long story short…Dobro reissue wasn’t new "Monster" is a National revolver…electrified tonight"~8/29/14:

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