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Her music. (photo credit: me) Her achievements. (photo credit: unknown) Her personal life. (photo credit: Bailey Jean Cypheridge)

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"Melissa said, 'yeah I already know about it.
I’ve checked it out before.' She really did love it."
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"Misty beach walk thank you #Oregon and @ChinookWinds #ThisisME #Bowers& Wilkins Ready to rock tonight!” ~8/30/14

"Misty beach walk thank you and & Wilkins Ready to rock tonight!” ~8/30/14


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Melissa Etheridge on her new album “This is M.E.” She also gushes a little bit about her wife Linda Wallem and what it takes to be a super mom.

A football fan and former sports broadcaster, Dennis Cruz, joins us to discuss Michael Sam, the publicity around him, and if he will make the team or some team.

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Never seen this one…too perfect for words.

Never seen this one…too perfect for words.

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Photo Credit: John Tsiavis, interview in the source.

Just stop being so fucking flawless already.


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Melissa Etheridge stops by Norman’s Rare Guitars. Great interview, she really describes the difference between working on a label and what she’s doing now. But god did I want her to play that beauty!

"Long story short…Dobro reissue wasn’t new "Monster" is a National revolver…electrified tonight"~8/29/14:

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I have singers that I hate their personality but love their music.

I have singers that I hate their music and love their personality.

It’s a conflict.

"I like your music, BUT YOU’RE A FUCKING ASSHOLE!"


Ah conflict.

Not sure which category MLE falls in for you. But I can tell you she has one of the most beautiful personalities I’ve ever found…and her music is kick-ass.

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Both of these are from Paul. He posted the first one yesterday but I can’t find it now, so I don’t have the caption. :( I just love how Linda is looking on, warms my heart. (and Melissa’s tongue is too damn cute). The caption for the second is “This is She. So lucky to be able to love my job, my boss and the people I work with. #gratitudinaladjustment #thisisshe”.

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New song! Melissa Etheridge premieres “A Little Hard Hearted” in Denver - August 26, 2014

I can’t make out a lot of the lyrics, but I love the sound! I usually don’t listen to new tracks until I’ve hear the studio version (odd, I know…just my thing), but I like The Lumineers too much to not, lol.

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  1. catching MLE & tonights special guest getting ready for the show & the debut of a new track!
  2. goes backstage tonight in Denver! Just about show time..”
  3. thank you so much! What a thrill. Great show Denver! Rock on!!!
  4. "Premiering a new #thisisme song with my friend…." (her instagram)

all posted on 8/26/14

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Awesome song sung for an awesome fan with some awesome instrument tricks.

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This is the song I was looking for - you should all listen to it :D

Gah, so fucking good…listen.

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"There’s my bus…home sweet home..!" ~8/25/14

"There’s my bus…home sweet home..!" ~8/25/14


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I don’t think I’ve ever seen the third one, gorgeous! I love her jacket in the second one, too.

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